About us

Landing in Mauritius after a minimum 10-14 hrs hours in the aeroplane, excluding any transit time

We at MorisTaxi ,we understand how important it is to have a reliable and affordable transfer to your hotel or bungalows.

At MorisTaxi.com, we have work hard to reduce your stress of travelling by offering you the best solution for your airport transfers and Point to Point transfers later during your stay on the island.. Whether you are on a family holiday, a single traveller or a business trip, we commit to bring you a comfortable experience from booking, payment to transfer.

Together with professional drivers, our multilingual customer service team is dedicated in communicating with you before and after your trip, as well as supportive in planning your travel. We help you in finding the suitable vehicle from a variety of available cars. We also facilitate you in special needs with exclusive services.

With an extensive practical experience in transportation industry, we understand that it is not only about moving from A to B. But also every trip has its own story in which transferring plays an important part that is the beginning and the ending. We are proud to be a part of your memory and we never stop improving your experience with MORISTAXI to make every trip a happy ending.

Contact us Directly on :  contact@moristaxi.com